Announcements and Communications


“Were you running behing one morning and missed out on the latest additions to the Daily Announcments? Did your voiemail not capture an entire Connect-Ed message? Oh no, you accidently deleted a school wide text/email with an important link embedded?”

No worries! Below you can find the most up to date copies of the Daily Announcements, Connect-Ed Transcripts, Text Messages & Emails sent to the PCHS commmunity. Please allow 24 hours for new items to be added. 

Connect Ed Transcript 3-29-20

Text/Email Alert 3-30-20

Weekly Updates- April 3 2020

Weekly Updates- April 19 2020

Weekly Updates- April 26 2020

Weekly Updates- May 3 2020

Senior Updates- May 3 2020

Weekly Updates- May 10 2020

Senior Updates- May 12 2020

 Weekly Updates- May 17 2020